ICKF Students Win 38 Medals: 16 Gold, 11 Silver, 11 Bronze

Recently 30 ICKF students won 38 medals at the Ontario Chito Ryu Karate Championships. Big thanks to all the parents and volunteers for supporting this great event. Also a big shout out to all the ICKF students who competed for the very first time! You should be proud of yourselves. Congratulations everyone.


Bogu Cup Special Training and Info Request

We would like to know how many students have or will be registering to compete at the Bogu Cup Canadian Chito Ryu Championships this June in Quebec. If you are attending, there is a form that needs to be filled out and returned to Sensei ASAP.

Additionally as extra training for ICKF students competing in the Bogu Cup, competitors are invited to train at the Wednesday 8:00-9:15pm Competition Class until June 19, leading up to the Bogu Cup. This is intended as additional training leading up to the championships.


June 22nd Grading

There will be a White, Yellow and Orange Belt grading including all stripe levels on Saturday June 22. *Note – Adult Open Training Class will be cancelled to make time for the grading. Grading times and Sign-up Sheets will be posted on the board. Good luck Everyone!

Childrens’ Grading Fees: $25 for Stripe Test, $50 for Full Belt Test


July 3rd Grading

There will be a Full Green, Blue, Jr. Brown and Brown Belt grading on Wednesday July 3rd from 8:00-9:15pm. Grading time and Sign-up Sheets will be posted on the board. Good luck Everyone!


Pee Wee Grading

Pee Wee Gradings will be held during Pee Wee Classes on Saturday June 22nd and July 3rd. Thank You.