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Competition Karate is the sport element of Karate where Karateka (karate practitioners) have the opportunity to compete against other Karateka from different schools, provinces or countries. Competition provides a great outlet for Karate students to challenge themselves and push themselves to their limit. Karate competitors learn how to set goals, develop their bodies and minds, and most importantly have fun.

At ICKF we realize that students train in karate for many different reasons and that not all students are interested in competition. It is the student’s choice if they wish to enter tournaments. ICKF students have the opportunity to compete in Chito Ryu, as well as All Styles Karate tournaments. ICKF students have proven themselves to be excellent competitors, achieving exemplary results in competition.

ICKF Students Success in Competition

ICKF Students began competing in traditional karate competition in 2003. Since then ICKF students have amassed over 1500 medals in karate competition. Numerous ICKF students have qualified to be members of Ontario Provincial and Canadian National Teams. Our students have won Gold and or medalled in elite competitions such as: The Ontario Summer Games, The Ontario Championship grand prix, The Canadian Chito Ryu Karate Championships, The Canadian National Championships, The Junior Olympics, The Commonwealth Championships, The US Open, The Jr Pan American Championships, The World Chito Ryu Karate Championships, The World Police & Fire Games. All of our ICKF competitive students have grown up through our Pee wee and Children’s programs and have developed into courteous and well-mannered elite athletes. All ICKF competitive students help sharpen each other’s skills, truly the definition of teamwork. Read about our elite athletes below.

Chris Burke:
2 time Canadian Champion, 3 time Canadian silver medalist, Jr Olympics bronze medalist, US Open Champion, Jr PKF Bronze medalist, World Chito Ryu Karate Champion, World Police & Fire Games Champion, Ontario and Canadian Karate Team Member. Won the Nationals with 44 points for and only dropping one point.

Nick Burke:
Ontario Champion, National Medalist, World Chito Ryu Karate Championship medalist, Ontario and Canadian Team member

Sami Iannuzzi:
Ontario Champion, Canadian Silver medalist, 5th at Jr Pan Ams, Ontario and Canadian team member

Dylan Creaney:
Ontario Champion, 2 time Canadian silver medalist, Jr Olympics Bronze, US Open Bronze, North American Cup Bronze, Commonwealth Championship Bronze, Ontario and Canadian Team Member

Marika Gumienny:
Canadian Silver medalist, Ontario Gold medalist, Ontario and Canadian Team member represented Canada at Jr Pan Ams

Liam Martin:
Ontario Summer Games Champion, Ontario Champion, Ontario and National team member, represented Canada at Jr Pan Ams

Morgan Martin:
Ontario team member represented Ontario at Nationals in three different age categories at same Nationals.

Johnathan Klobucar:
Canadian Bronze medalist, Ontario and Canadian team member, represented Canada at the Commonwealth Championships.

Meghan Boland:
Ontario team member, Commonwealth Championship Bronze medalist.

Johnathan Kondziolka:
Ontario Team Member, Ontario Summer Games gold medalist, Canadian silver medalist

Cameron Martin:
Canadian Silver Medalist, Ontario and Canadian Team Member, represented Canada at the US Open

Kaitlyn Morrish:
Ontario Champion, Ontario Summer Games silver medalist, Ontario team member, 5th at the US Open

Johnathan Lichtental:
Ontario team member, made Ontario Men’s Black Belt -65kg division team while only a green belt, Ontario Gold medalist

Jarrett Booth:
Ontario Team Member

Michael Butler:
Ontario Champion, Ontario team member

Shayne Lewis:
Ontario Summer Games Silver medalist, Ontario team member

Meghan Sorichetti:
Ontario Summer games bronze medalist, Ontario team member

Tianna Kovacic:
Ontario Champion, Ontario team member

James Gleeson:
Ontario team member, numerous provincial medals

Navin Kangal:
Ontario Summer Games Champion, Ontario team member

Zachary Brown:
Ontario Summer Games Bronze Medalist, numerous provincial medals

Competition Elements:

Kata are the forms of traditional Karate Do. Kata are formal exercises that demonstrate self defence techniques. Kata teaches proper technique, balance, timing and self defence principles while also developing explosiveness in the muscles and flexibility. Kata are considered the backbone of traditional Karate and have been passed down for generations. In competition the competitor is judged based on the strengths and weaknesses of their form.

Kumite (WKF)
Kumite is the sparring element of Karate competition. Kumite teaches speed, tactics, explosiveness and flexibility. Kumite is a fast action sport where competitors receive points for scoring punches strikes and kicks. In the World Karate Federation Kumite techniques are controlled and pulled for safety. WKF kumite rules provide a safe and fun sparring method for children and adult practitioners.

Bogu Kumite
Bogu Kumite is high impact sparring which uses protective equipment developed by the founder of Chito Ryu Karate Do, Dr Chitose (10th Dan). In order to score, a competitor must direct a clean, powerful technique to one of the designated target areas on the opponent. Dr Chitose did not favour “sun dome” (the pulling short of techniques) in competition. Therefore, he created Bogu (protective equipment) to allow competitors to have high impact kumite with safety. True Bogu kumite is only practiced by fully grown adult experienced practitioners and not by children.

Note: In competition and dojo sparring, great care is taken to ensure that all safety rules are followed. Sparring is only to be done in the Dojo and only when the Instructor allows it. Students are not to spar at home (or anywhere else) with their siblings or friends.