Our family have been practicing karate with Sensei Ed Docherty and the ICKF Dojo for over a decade. It has been a tremendous experience, giving us not only knowledge of the martial art itself, but also discipline, self confidence and fun.”
– The Martin Family

I can’t say enough about ICKF and Sensei Ed Docherty. He has created an atmosphere in his Dojo that is second to none. I am a teacher in Whitby and had enrolled my son in a number of different sports with varying degrees of success. Then, a number of my students and colleagues mentioned ICKF and the sense of culture and community that Sensei Ed had fostered there. I’m so glad we gave it a shot. A year and a half later and we could not be more happy. In addition to karate, Sensei Ed, empowers all of his students to be responsible and compassionate citizens. He always promotes the importance of good behavior, physical fitness and self respect. Furthermore, he models these values to all his students. It is abundantly clear that he cares about each of his students and always takes time for every one. If you are thinking about a Dojo for your child, I highly recommend ICKF. It is most definitely worth popping in and checking it out for yourself. I’m certainly glad we did.
– Rob Roberts

My son and I have been part of the ICKF family for approximately 4 years. In that time, we have been fortunate and privileged to be taught Chito Ryu karate by Shihan Ed. There has not been a day where we have not come in to the dojo and not find Shihan Ed in a positive, upbeat and energetic mood. This resonates into his teaching ability with not only the kids program but also the adults as well. As a parent, I am thoroughly impressed with how Shihan Ed interacts with the children and infuses his lessons with structure, discipline as well as some fun. To me, it is important for children to attain “life lessons” through their parents but also outside positive influences as well and Shihan Ed provides these important lessons. In the adult class, Shihan Ed brings a welcome intensity into his powerfully delivered classes and challenges his students on a regular basis to do the best they can. He also incorporates a fitness regime into his classes which is part in parcel to the overall ICKF experience.

I have and continue to refer people to join or at least try a class at the ICKF dojo and experience the great atmosphere and family Shihan Ed has built over the last 15 years!
– S. Garner

We have had both of our girls taking karate since they were four years old as we wanted them to learn self-defense and build self-confidence. We saw an article about ICKF karate school and that the Sensei, Ed Docherty is a veteran of the martial art, he has competed at an international level and now many of his students were showing success at a competitive level.
We went to an open house for the Pee Wee class which was ages 4 – 6 and really enjoyed the climate of his dojo as there was a good mix of girls taking karate. Sensei Ed teaches kids from the youngest levels that it is important to respect the sport and that courtesy is the most important element of karate. He has rules that ultimately tell the kids don’t practice your karate on friends or family and that they really need to focus while they are in the dojo which he instils in the children at a young age to ensure these aren’t just words.

Sensei Ed always talks to the kids during the classes to ensure they understand karate is a martial art and that they need to set goals and achieve them at their own pace. His approach is there is no pressure on the kids, this is a journey for them and they approach karate how they want. Whether you are learning the martial art, enjoying some physical fitness or if the kids decide to take up the sporting and competitive side of the sport it is their choice and that he is there to support and guide them through the learning experience. We really appreciate Sensei Ed’s approach in teaching the kids karate as well as other inspirational and elements that transcend to life in general.
– Dave & Stacy Bergeron

In the seven or eight years that my boys have been attending ICKF I have found that they have developed into well-rounded young men. The discipline accompanied by inspiring atmosphere at the dojo is a major contributing factor. Even after moving from the Whitby area six years ago, we still travel 45 minutes one-way so they can continue with the excellent training at the hands of Sensei Docherty
– John Carveth

My son William has been attending and training at the ICKF dojo for approximately a year now. One of the reasons I chose ICKF Karate School for my son was the immediate sense of friendliness and encouragement within the dojo. My son was eager to try karate but I recognized that he also needed to come out of his shell a little and I thought that karate might assist with that. Sensei Ed, the other assisting Sempai’s as well as the other participants at the dojo really made my son feel comfortable, encouraged him to learn, have fun and not get discouraged. This dojo has a real family/community feeling to it while also providing an excellent karate program.

During the course of the time William has attended, he has had the opportunity to advance his level of skill through training and grading and had the wonderful experience of attending a session lead by Sensei Higashi 9 th Dan Black Belt. William is now excited to participate in his first regional competition in May. Whether it is yourself or your child that wants to try karate, I would highly recommend the ICKF Karate School!
– Melissa Widdifeild

Sensei Ed has managed to create a dojo which truly has something for everyone in the way only someone with a true passion, deep knowledge and wholesale and lifelong dedication to karate can. The children’s classes are a joy to watch and Sensei Ed is careful to emphasize all the most important tenants of karate; respect, courtesy, the benefits of goal setting and hard work, while, at the same time, maintaining the dojo as a safe place where children can have fun, laugh and encourage each other and explore new skills.

Adult classes are dynamic, exciting and are carefully planned to ensure that each class includes a balance of the main aspects of the karate, whether it be kata, kumite (sparring) and self-defense, the only predictable thing about each class besides Sensei’s infectious enthusiasm, is the unbelievably high caliber of teaching and skill development which takes place for all the students.

Sensei Ed has created a very special place on Forbes Street in Whitby. This dojo truly has developed a strong culture of respect and positivity, a place which cultivates, challenges, encourages and welcomes people of all ages and skill levels. Thanks Sensei.
– Jennifer Tredinnick-Moir

ICKF is a family and community oriented Dojo, everyone is made to feel welcome into a positive learning atmosphere. Our family has been attending ICKF for 8 years and we highly recommend this Dojo for young children, teens, adults to serious competitors. Ed Docherty lives and breathes karate and it shows through in his students.
– Simone Childerhose

Sensei Ed,
We have been a part of ICKF for over 11 years now and you have watched our children grow into the young adults that they are becoming. The skills and discipline that they have learned through you as well as the sense of family and the respect for others is amazing. You know just how hard to push them to do their very best, and encourage them through the tough times. Thank you for being such a gifted instructor and for running such a wonderful club.
– Sincerely, The Sorichetti’s

I’ve been training at ICKF Karate School for about 10 years now and I can confidently say that it shaped me to be the martial artist, athlete and most importantly, the person I am today. Karate provides a wide variety of goals for each individual person to strive for and feel rewarded when they achieve them. The dojo atmosphere is truly a family that comes together with pride and support in every single aspect. I could not imagine what my life would be like without it and I’m so proud to be a member of this amazing community.
– Marika Gumienny

My name is Dylan Creaney, I am 20 years old. I have been training at ICKF for the past 12 years since I was 8 years old. This club has been a huge part of my life, me along with many other members have grown up at this club. Sensei Ed and the members of ICKF have played a huge role in me becoming the man I am today. This club has always been a friendly welcoming place filled with all sorts of different people. Everyone works very hard and helps each other to achieve their goals. Members of our club train here for all kinds of different reasons. Whether it’s to learn self defence, for physical fitness, take part in competition, or for fun. All of these are part of being a martial artist. I consider myself very lucky I found this club 12 years ago, who knows where I would be today without it.
– Dylan Creaney

Been a member at the ICKF Dojo for 6yrs and its been great. Shihan Docherty, the black belt assistants and the members together form a terrific club. The team is committed to the fundamental concepts of karate as a martial art, a sport and a self-defence skill while never forgetting that the ultimate aim of karate is the development of the character of its participants.
– Keith Kumar

I have been attending the ICKF karate school for close to three years now and I am pleased to endorse the positive attributes of the school to others who may be interested in attending. I had zero experience in any of the martial arts prior to joining the school and from my very first few classes, I felt encouraged by Shihan Ed Docherty. The training environment is supremely positive, with a strong spirit of courtesy exhibited by all of the students. I am personally attracted to the fitness and self defense side to karate but the school attracts a number of practitioners who pursue karate for a variety of other reasons, such as for sport & competition for instance, and the classes are taught in such a manner whereby all facets of the art are explored, leaving everybody engaged. In sum, I do believe that the school should be investigated by people interested in the martial arts because the high quality of training & instruction combined with the ethos of the school make ICKF a special place.
– Sincerely, Jim Lazenkas

ICKF is like our second family.
– Keith and Michael Butler