Hello Everyone. We have had great energy and attendance at our Zoom classes. Thank you for supporting our online content. The next month of Zoom training will begin June 15th-July 15th. The information regarding the second month of our Zoom program is below. Thank you.

ICKF Karate School Online Zoom Training

Dear ICKF Students Parents and families
I hope this letter finds all of you healthy and happy. Through this time I have been thinking about all of the ICKF Students and their families often. Over the first six weeks I offered complimentary lessons on Facebook “live” in order to give all of the ICKF students a sense of normalcy and continuity in their training. However, now that this closure is going on a little longer than anticipated I believe that it is important to transition to an interactive format.  Zoom is a great platform where teacher and students can train together and have an actual class. I have done a test session with the senior Black Belts and it was wonderful for everyone to see each other and train together! It was a breath of fresh air and offered an even greater sense of normalcy.

What’s Next?
As you know all Dojo memberships at ICKF have been placed on hold as of March 23rd and will remain on hold until students return to in person training. We are now going to offer online Zoom training as a separate monthly membership for the nominal fee of $58 per month (including hst) per family not per individual.  This will allow the ICKF Karate School community to train together. ICKF Karate School is a family run small business which has been serving our community for over 20 years. We greatly appreciate you supporting our great dojo!

Sign me up!
Here’s what you need to do to start online training!
1. Simply send a reply to info@ickf.com with an etransfer of $58 by June 13th.
2. Download the Zoom app at Zoom.us.
3. A Zoom invitation link will be sent out prior to each class.
4. Be in your Gi, logged on and ready to go on June 15th!

What’s the Schedule?
Zoom online training June15th to July 15th
Monday 7:00-8:00pm All Belt levels (progressive content moving from white to black)
Wednesday 3:00-3:45pm All Belt levels (white to blue content)
Saturday 11:00-11:45am All Belt levels (all level content)
*proposed schedule

I have missed everyone and look forward to seeing everyone in our online classes, thank you for bringing the ICKF energy into your own home. I can’t wait to train with everyone in this interactive format and look forward to seeing everyone in person at the Dojo soon!
Thank you for your support and stay safe!
Sensei Ed