Congratulations to the ICKF athletes who competed today at the OKF elite and rec tournament! 11 ICKF students picked up 7 medals 3 Gold, 3 Bronze, 1 Silver. Big shout out to Senpai Rob & Senpai Ron for their outstanding help coaching today.

Big Congratulations to:

Gage Gold in 14-15 -57kg elite kumite
James Bronze in 16-17 -76kg elite kumite
Navin Bronze in 16-17 -68kg elite kumite
Jasen 5th in 14-15 -52kg elite kumite
Rene Gold in 10-11 Rec Novice kata
Natasha Gold in 16 and up women’s intermediate kumite and Silver in kata
Martyna Bronze in 14-15 intermediate kata

Honourable mention to Zack, Kieran, Ryan and Aron on their outstanding effort today!
Big Thank you to all the parents for their support!