7 New Black Belts

On June 1st, seven longtime ICKF students passed their respective Black Belt testing in front of Sensei Shane Higashi 10th Dan. Congratulations to Martyna Janota, Natasha Kabrit, Branden Liebold, Navin Kangal and Don Ham on achieving their Black Belt (Sho Dan). Congratulations also go out to Sempai Ron Morrish and Sempai Rob Segovia on successfully passing their 3rd Dan (San Dan) Black Belt level. Congratulations everyone on this fantastic achievement.


Referral Program June & July

During the months of June & July ICKF will be holding our referral program. If an ICKF member refers a new student who joins ICKF during the months of June and July the new student will receive a free gi (uniform) and the ICKF student will receive a free uniform or a free pair of sparring gloves.


August Grading

The tentative date for the August grading is Saturday, August 10th. More details to follow. Best of luck with your training. Keep those goals in sight!


Bogu Cup 2019

21 ICKF students will be making the journey to Gatineau Quebec for the 2019 Bogu Cup. This competition is the Canadian Championships for Chito Ryu Karate, bringing together competitors from across Canada. Thank you to the 21 ICKF families for supporting this special tri annual event, being held Canada Day Weekend! I’m looking forward to seeing you all in action and wishing everyone a Great Experience!  


Short Summer Closure

Every Summer ICKF takes a short summer closure. This year the Dojo will be closed on Monday July 15th with classes resuming on Monday July 29th. Please note that this short closure is factored into the membership fees. We look forward to training with you over the summer. Thank you.